The impact of bariatric surgery on periodontal health: literature review

Edition V33n1  |  Year 2023  |  Category: Literature Review  |  Page 48 to 62


Adriana Maria Ferreira Gonçalves, Bruna Melo Goulart, Gabriela Junia Machado Cerqueira, Palloma Rossane Dias Silva, Querolin Santana Oliveira Silva, Tyelles Souza Melo, Rafael Silva Lima, Simone Angélica de Faria Amormino


INTRODUCTION – Bariatric surgery is an effective intervention for the control of morbid obesity and helps in the treatment of several comorbidities, such as hypertension and type II diabetes. However, complications can arise, such as periodontal disease, that may have an impact on the oral health of these individuals. OBJECTIVE – To evaluate the impacts of bariatric surgery on periodontal health of operated patients. Methodology – The literature review was conducted through articles found in databases such as Scielo and PubMed, using the following descriptors: obesity, periodontitis and gastroplasty. Results – From August to December 2021, a total of 509 articles were found and after the exclusion criteria, a total of 11 articles were obtained to conduct this narrative review. From the information obtained from the selected articles, it was possible to understand that bariatric surgery has implications for periodontal health. Discussion – Several studies relate the worsening of periodontal health and the prevalence of periodontal pockets and bone loss after bariatric surgery. And the justification is for the nutritional deficiency, xerostomia and change in eating habits. Conclusion – There is an impact on the periodontal health of patients undergoing bariatric surgery, so it is essential to include the dentist in the multidisciplinary team and submit them to prevention and oral health promotion programs, seeking to minimize the consequences caused by this surgical procedure.


Oral Health. Periodontitis. Bariatric Surgery. Obesity.

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Gonçalves AMF, Goulart BM, Cerqueira GJM, Silva PRD, Silva QSO, Melo TS, Lima RS, Amormino SAF. The impact of bariatric surgery on periodontal health: literature review. Braz J Periodontol. 2023 Jan-Mar;33(1):48-61.

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