Periodontal treatment of endo-periodontal lesions: A literature review.

Edition V33n1  |  Year 2023  |  Category: Literature Review  |  Page 28 to 48


Diego José Gambin, Felipe Gomes Dallepiane, Thais Mageste Duque, Ingrid Webb Josephson Ribeiro Sanada


Objective: It is to verify forms of treatment and the success of periodontal therapy throughout the follow-up of clinical cases. Material and Methods: A search was carried out in the literature, relevant to the researched subject, in the following database: PubMed, containing scientific articles from the last ten years in English using the search terms: “treatment lesion endo-periodontal” AND “endo -perio” OR/AND “periodontal endodontic” OR/AND “periodontal-endondontic” OR/AND “endoperiodontal injury treatment” AND “sucess” AND “endodontic” OR “endo” AND “periodontic” OR “periodontal” OR “perio”. In view of the studies found in the literature relevant to the treatment of endo-periodontal lesions, the articles were selected by means of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results: The main results point out: (1): Endo-periodontal lesions are alterations that demand a careful diagnosis and an adequate treatment that is necessary for success and dental preservation; (2) The following forms of periodontal treatment found in the scientific literature are: scaling, root planing and polishing, bone grafting, gingival grafting, membrane use and supportive periodontal therapy. Conclusion: Therefore, basic treatment (scaling, root planing and polishing) and surgical treatment (bone graft, gingival graft, membrane use and supportive periodontal therapy) are viable options. However, there is a need for further studies related to the topic and with a longer follow-up time to confirm the success of associated periodontal treatment.


Endodontics. Periodontics. Guided Tissue Regeneration, Periodontal.

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Gambin DJ, Dallepiane FG, Duque TM, Ribeiro-Sanada IWJ. Periodontal treatment of endo-periodontal lesions: A literature review. Braz J Periodontol. 2023 Jan- Mar;33(1):28-47.

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