From aesthetics to surgical: correction of gengival smile with lip repositioning

Edition V33n1  |  Year 2023  |  Category: Case Report  |  Page 14 to 28


José Carlos Costa dos Santos Júnior, Amanda Nascimento Leite Silva, Kizzes Araujo Paiva Andrade Cardoso, Marcelo de Azevedo Rios


Objective: This study aims to describe a clinical case, in which a gummy smile correction was performed using the lip repositioning technique with local muscle block, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique. Materials and methods: In the present case, the procedure of choice for the correction of the gummy smile was a periodontal plastic surgery of the muscular block type to contain the upper lip. Results: In periodontal terms, when the gingival exposure is greater than 03 millimeters below the upper lip line when smiling, this smile is unsightly and this excessive exposure is considered a gingival smile. This aesthetic problem has several etiological factors, which must be carefully identified and diagnosed for the correct elaboration of the treatment plan. In the literature, it is observed that there are surgical and non-surgical techniques for resolving gummy smile, which are routinely performed by clinicians, varying in their choice due to their etiology. In view of the procedure performed with a succession of periodontal techniques and associated with muscle blockage, aesthetic satisfaction was observed, without major postoperative discomforts and low-complexity technical management, which may appear as a suggestion of approach for similar cases. Conclusion: It is noted that the association of lip repositioning to muscle block can offer good results.


Gingival retraction techniques. Smiling. Gingiva. Lip. Gingival Overgrowth. Surgery, Plastic.

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Santos Júnior JCC, Silva ANL, Cardoso KAPA, Rios MA. From aesthetics to surgical: correction of gengival smile with lip repositioning. Braz J Periodontol. 2023 Jan-Mar;33(1):14-27.

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