Effect of ozonation time and temperature on ozonated water viability for therapeutic purposes in dentistry

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Kymberlly de Souza Pigossi, Alessandra Cardoso Nicolini, Isadora dos Santos Rotta, Marcius Comparsi Wagner, Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing, Juliano Cavagni


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the viability of ozonated water at diff erent temperatures and ozonation regimes over time. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Th ree experiments were carried out with diff erent ozonation protocols. First experiment analyzed the water ozonated at 55 μg/mL for 5 minutes and kept at room temperature or under refrigeration. In the second experiment, the water was kept only under refrigeration and the concentration of O3 in the device was increased to 70 μg/mL. In this phase, the ozonation process lasted 5 or 10 min utes in two diff erent samples. Th e last experiment generated two samples of ozonated water with a device set at 70 μg/mL with an ozonation time of 10 minutes, but with an even lower refrigerator temperature. Th e analysis of the concentration of this gas was carried out through a colorimetric kit, in periods between 5 and 360 minutes, depending on the experiment. RESULTS: When evaluating the infl uence of temperature, the samples of ozonated water that were kept under refrigeration showed greater stability. Th e ozonation time also increased the viability of the solution. When evaluating an even lower temperature of the refrigerator (close to 0 oC) in an optimized concentration of ozonated water 70 μg/mL, the viability of the solution was observed for a period of 2 hours. CONCLUSIONS: Ozonation with bidistilled water at a temperature close to 0 oC at 70 μg/mL for 10 minutes seems to favor the maintenance of the concentration up to 2 hours with potential antimicrobial properties, enabling the viability for its use for therapeutic purposes.


Ozone. Dosage. Feasibility studies.

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Pigossi KS, Nicolini AC, Rotta IS, Wagner MC, Rosing CK, Cavagni J. Effect of ozonation time and temperature on ozonated water viability for therapeuticpurposes in dentistry. Braz J Periodontol. 2021 Sept-Dec;31(3):12-24.

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