Current therapeutic options for treatment of pericoronitis: what evidence is available?

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Lailla Lemes Alves, Pedro Figueiredo Pereira de Andrade, Ighor Andrade Fernandes,Esmeralda Maria da Silveira, Saulo Gabriel Moreira Falci, Patricia Furtado Gonçalves, Endi Lanza Galvão


OBJECTIVE: To identify all current treatment methods for symptomatic pericoronitis around the mandibular third molar, in the current context, to guide the clinical practice of dental surgeons. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The review protocol was previously registered (PROSPERO; CRD42019138130). Searches were conducted in MEDLINE [Pubmed], Web of Science, and Virtual Health Library databases, including studies published from 1st January 2000 to 30th June 2019. All studies reporting any treatment for pericoronitis and their efficacy in affected patients, evaluating at least one of the following variables of interest, were included: pain, swelling, trismus, presence and/or amount of bacteria, inflammatory infiltrate, and quality of life. RESULTS: A total of nine studies were included. Interventions included laser therapy, ozone therapy, trichloroacetic acid, curettage and sodium hydrochloride irrigation, electroacupuncture, magnesium sulfate and methocarbamol, hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, green tea and chlorhexidine mouthwash, and antibiotic therapies. Antibiotics were prescribed in the majority of cases reported in these studies. CONCLUSIONS: The present review suggests that the most common treatment for pericoronitis with satisfactory results is the use of antibiotic therapy associated with curettage and chlorhexidine irrigation. Due to the heterogeneity between the studies and methods used, it was not possible to confirm the effectiveness of one treatment in relation to the others. Future clinical trials are recommended for definitive conclusions about treatment for pericoronitis.


Evidence-based dentistry. Pericoronitis. Systematic review. Therapeutics. Third molar.

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Alves LL, Andrade PFP, Fernandes IA, Silveira EM, Falci SGM, Gonçalves PF, Galvão EL. Current therapeutic options for treatment of pericoronitis: what evidence is available? Braz J Periodontol. 2021 May-Aug;31(2):22-41

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