Periodontal management in the context of COVID-19

Edition v31n1  |  Year 2021  |  Category: Original Article  |  Page 34 to 54


Samuel Batista Borges, Lidya Nara Marques de Araújo, Patrícia dos Santos Calderon, Bruno César de Vasconcelos Gurgel


INTRODUCTION: The global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has brought new challenges for healthcare personnel. In Dentistry, during the performance of specialized procedures, such as the periodontal management, it is necessary to find solutions for urgent and emergency demands, even in contexts of social isolation. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this review was to provide a global overview of SARS-CoV-2 in the oral environment, in order to encourage strategies and measures to prevent or reduce transmission in the dental setting. We particularly highlight periodontal management issues in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. METHODS: Information used for this review was sourced from the PubMed database, as well as studies and guidelines on COVID-19. CONCLUSION: This study provides an overview of the relationship between saliva, the oral microbiome, dysbiotic biofilm, and the novel coronavirus. Concomitantly, it focuses on the role of periodontists and all dental health care personnel (DHCP) in adopting infection prevention and control measures during periodontal care.


COVID-19. Infection control. Periodontics. Dental practice management.

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Borges SB, Araújo LNM, Calderon PS, Gurgel BCV. Periodontal management in the context of COVID-19. Braz J Periodontol. 2021 Jan-Apr;31(1):34-54

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